Debating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 005

DSC01694aDebating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 005
[Part of My Memoirs]

Many people erroneously think that Christian apologetics is equal to attacking our enemies. In last article I mentioned a young Christian who attacked Islam (no sharing of gospel) and lives his life in terror.

Two more people wrote similar books. One was against Islam and the other against Hinduism. The man who wrote the anti-Hindu book asked me to translate it into Hindi, and I refused saying anti-others is not apologetics. The guy who wrote anti-Islamic book asked me to write him a preface, and I refused because anti-Islamic rhetoric and name-calling is not Christian apologetics. He told me that I was a coward and that he was willing to become a martyr. He said he is not afraid of the sword of Muslims.

Eventually there was a police case against both of the above writers. Both of them fled the scene. They were in hiding for a long period of time. The writer who told me that I was a coward and that he was brave and was ready to face the sword of Muslims was the first to flee and go into hiding. So much for misplaced bravery and unwise emotions.

Christian apologetics is ‘answering’ their questions plus sharing the gospel. It is not attacking and name-calling their religion.

[To continue …]

[Picture: A scene from my Perumbvoor Debate with MM Akbar. This gentleman, Taha, is a Muslim and a businessman. For years I have been having private debates with him but it has never led to bitterness or enmity. Rather it has given an opportunity to me and several other members of my family to share the gospel with him.]


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