Debating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 002

DSC01658aDebating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 002
[Part of My Memoirs]

In the last post I said that anyone who debates critics — either in private or in public — should be well prepared. Lack of preparation has led to many sorry situations for the Christian side in the past.

This became painfully obvious in one of the Bible schools where I taught. A group of Muslim seminarians used to come there for a personal debate. My student who were interested in Christian apologetics were made to watch my debates as a part of my training to my students. All of them said they benefited highly from such first-hand demonstration from me.

However, on one such occasion I was not in the Bible school and one of the teachers who had a lot of illusion about his capacity to ‘ask questions and silence people immediately’ saw them. So he called them to his room and debated them. He invited my apologetics students to witness it. However, within ten to fifteen minutes this teacher started to falter. He had no preparation, but he had invited half a dozen aggressive experts in Muslim apologetics to his room, thinking that it would be a joke to silence them.

Once he started to falter, he started becoming angry to control his weakness. Finally he jumped up from his seat, shouted at them, spat upon the ground, and cursed them and chased them away from his presence.

The cause of Christ was not served that day because of the over-confidence of an under-prepared Christian ‘debater’. Please remember, debate is spiritual warfare. Unless you are thoroughly prepared, keep away from it. Study first, and go for debate only after that.

[To continue …]
[Picture: From Perumbvoor Debate. Akbar listening to me in the face-to-face debate with MM Akbar]


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