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My First Books 001


Picture: 1981 January, Changi Apirport Singapore. I met the two gentlemen on the left in Singapore. The third from left is Professor PP Thomas from India, an English Professor who worked at that time at the Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla, Kerala. He was a fellow-student of journalism at Singapore training.Aalmost all my fellow students were […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 006


The actual writing of the Systematic Theology book started in December 1996. The publisher gave us 12 months to complete the project, and all of us got  heavily involved into the project with the deadline in mind. This was no easy task, but the team had an unusual determination. Saneesh and Shibu would pay full […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 005


Pic: Dr. OM Samuel around 1996 When He Agreed To Join The Systematic Theology Team Writing an indigenous Systematic Theology for the first time in an Indian language (Malayalam) was an unusual challenge. Such a work was never done by any in the Assemblies anywhere in the world. What is more, while I understood Malayalam […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 004


Pic: Sampson D’Cruz (Now In Full-time Ministry) Who Joined The Project As A Scribe As soon as Vadavana’s Magazine announced that we were going to write and publish a Systematic Theology, there was a big commotion in the Kerala Christian community. Kerala is a small stake in India, but has the largest concentration of Christians […]

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