Debating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 001

DSC01673aDebating Muslims/Critics: Some Precautions 001
[Part of My Memoirs]

Kerala has become a hot-bed of debates between Christian and Muslims or Atheists/critics of Christian faith. Debate is both a science as well as an art, and one needs to prepare well before one debates them face to face.

Most people are under the illusion that critics are stupid people and that any Christian can easily ask a few ‘tactful’ questions and that the critics would be silenced by these questions.

This misunderstanding is born by listening to fairy-tales that keep circulating among us that ‘such and such person asked three questions and the opponent fled from the stage’. Such things have never happened in India. Opponents do not come to stage to flee. They come to argue their case and they stick to their arguments even if they are losing the ground.

This means that anyone who debates critics — either in private or in public — should be well prepared. Lack of preparation has led to many sorry situations for the Christian side in the past. [To continue …]

[Picture: From Perumbvoor, face-to-face debate with MM Akbar]


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