Memoirs of Dr. Johnson C. Philip

Against Heresies

The Prajapati Affair 003

R. Krishnankutty was a bit upset about the proposed series of articles, and he informed this displeasure to me. So I spent a whole day discussing various aspects of the issues involved, and he clearly said that Koshy Abraham’s teaching is a heresy. He also said that any support to the teachings of Koshy is […]

The Prajapati Affair 002

As soon as we conducted a survey of Christian bookshops in Kerala, both Arun K. Paul as well as I realized that there has been a serious defection among the assemblies about the doctrines of inerrancy, infallibility, and inspiration. So much so that even many prominent Brethren leaders were proclaiming from the pulpit that Holy […]

The Prajapati Affair 001

After I moved to Kerala in 1994, what can be called the “Prajapati Affair” was my second major doctrinal campaign, something that definitely resulted in a separation between Scripturalists and Universalists amogng the Brethren. The Scripturalists affirmed that only the 66 books of the Bible are inspired by the Holy Spirit, while the Universalists claimed […]

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