Memoirs of Dr. Johnson C. Philip

Elsie Baby & Baby Mathews [Great Mentors] — I


Picture: Shot in 1990 in their home in USA I cannot ever forget Elsie Baby and Baby Mathews. Among them, Elsie is more widely known among the Brethren because of her extensive writing ministries. I had known from the time I was in school.  She worked in Madhya Pradesh, the state where I was brought […]

Samuel John: He Transformed My Ministry!


The first step and the last step of a race are most important. These can make or break the race. The brother who gave me the first major push in book-publishing is Samuel John, a person who did not even know me at that time. From my childhood I wanted to be a published writer. […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 006


The actual writing of the Systematic Theology book started in December 1996. The publisher gave us 12 months to complete the project, and all of us got  heavily involved into the project with the deadline in mind. This was no easy task, but the team had an unusual determination. Saneesh and Shibu would pay full […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 005


Pic: Dr. OM Samuel around 1996 When He Agreed To Join The Systematic Theology Team Writing an indigenous Systematic Theology for the first time in an Indian language (Malayalam) was an unusual challenge. Such a work was never done by any in the Assemblies anywhere in the world. What is more, while I understood Malayalam […]

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