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Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 003


By now I had two major projects in my mind: First, I needed to see that the Systematic Theology book becomes a success. Second, I had to find a publisher who would have the courage to take up such a massive publishing project, never undertake in evangelical Christian circles before, let alone in the assembly […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 002


Photo: A Pic taken slightly before we got into writing  the Systematic Theology When Saneesh and Shibu told me that they wished to write a book on Systematic Theology, I only encouraged them. However, when they requested me to join them as a fellow-writer, the equations changed. If a writing project by students fails, then […]

Systematic Theology: The Birth of a Classic 001


Pic: Me with my Bondwell laptop, that weighed 7 kilograms, at BBI in 1995. It went everywhere with me in my backpack! The Brethren Bible Institute at Pathanmthitta opened its doors in June 1989. I was part of the faculty and I was the person who took the first class on the first day. This […]

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