Samuel John: He Transformed My Ministry!

Samuel_JohnThe first step and the last step of a race are most important. These can make or break the race. The brother who gave me the first major push in book-publishing is Samuel John, a person who did not even know me at that time.

From my childhood I wanted to be a published writer. I wanted to publish books — many books. The first opportunity came when GLS Bombay in 1986 invited me from their side to submit a book on Bible and Modern Science. Since I had been working on such a book for almost 16 years, I completed the book the same year and submitted it to them. They promised to publish it the same year.

Years soon moved on, but they did not keep their promise. In 1990 I asked them to return the manuscript because it was 5 years already. They promised  to publish it the same year and made me revise the book. I did so at great investment of time. They loved the manuscript, but did not publish it. Then in 1995 I asked them to return the manuscript because it was with them for almost 10 years. They again promised to publish it the same year, made me to revise it a second time, and liked the manuscript.

However, GLS did not keep the promise. Since this was my first book, it had the power to make or brake me. Ten years of waiting and two revisions after, it broke me when they did not publish the book. I went from pillar to post. All of them said the book was superb, but had no answer as to why they did not publish it though it is they who invited me to give it to them in the first place. I was devastated and decided NEVER to submit any book to any Christian publisher.

It is at that time that Mr. Samuel John, ex Bahrain and a businessman, came to know of my predicament. We had never met each other before, and he had only a glimpse of me when I spoke in an assembly at Trivandrum. He immediately decided to publish that book and asked me to send me the manuscript to him. Within 3 months the book was published. He took 250 copies and gave me 750 to use as I wanted. The entire investment was his, and he said that the investment was a gift from his side to encourage a young and promising writer.

What he did transformed my whole life. From a discouraged writer I became a zealous writer. Today I have more than 100 books (theology, communication, numismatics, physics) and 10,000 articles to my credit. However, the real credit goes to Mr. Samuel John who gave me the right push at the right time.

This in turn taught me a vital lesson of life — never say ‘no’ or ‘wait’ to a person who wants to take his next step. What he/she wishes to do might seem impossible to us, but that is not the main issue. What is important is not to quench his or her spirit.

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