RTI: The Unforgettable Memories Of A Great Institution — 010


Pic: Gospel outreach in the company of brethren with plenty of experience in public sharing of the gospel

Rehoboth Theological Institute, Thrissur, was built on the foundation of the Bible with some specific purposes: that students should grow into the image of Christ, that they should become good Christian teachers, and that they should be good at sharing the gospel with the unregenerate. A number of practices were introduced with the above in mind.

One of the practices was to send the students out for gospel preaching on a regular basis. Trissur is blessed with a large number of brethren who are very zealous in street-preaching. The students were sent out regularly with them for learning the art of preaching first by observing it, followed by mentored public preaching. This approach benefited them very much and many of them became very good at public preaching of the gospel.


Pic: One team of students went to Rajasthan for gospel preaching during summer vacations

We also encouraged them to use their summer vacations to share the gospel. To do it in an organized manner, one batch of students was sent to Rajasthan where they had an extended ministry. Another team was stationed in Thrisshr and they went to places in and around Thrissur during the vacation. The girls were invited to do practical work either in their own neighborhood or at the Rehoboth Orphanage. Many of them opted to work in the Orphanage.


Pic: The second team worked in and around the Thrissur area for an extended summer vacation

There is no substitute for practical training in ministry, and RTI made this a priority. By the time the boys and girls returned, they had a new zeal and a new enthusiasm. The best method to get a person interested in a task is to put him to that task, and RTI had done it successfully.

BibInsightsThere was also a good amount of in-house practical training. Since sharing the gospel involves a lot of communication, students were encouraged to learn the art of communication.

Pic: Biblical Insight, the student-produced magazine

For this they had times of sharing, devotion, and also pulpit preaching in the Student Chapel. Under faculty mentoring they also started producing a student-led magazine known as Biblical Insights.

RTI_BulletinMeanwhile the Steering Committee Kept producing the News Bulletin of Rehoboth Theologi cal Institute. A very attractive bulletin, it was sent worldwide by the Secretary to create awareness about RTI, its activities, and its needs.

Everyone among the Steering committee, faculty, and the student body was committed to quality in every aspect of education, spirituality, and spiritual formation of the students. It bore great fruits, and by the time the first year concluded the quality of training  showed clearly in the life and ministry of students.



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