RTI: The Unforgettable Memories Of A Great Institution — 006


Pic: The front portion of the first building in which RTI functioned

It was understood that Rehoboth Girl’s Orphanage Trust would provide accommodation for running RTI, but soon we came to the precise details of accommodation. Miss Treasure said that ultimately RTI will have its own buildings and spacious campus at back of the 50-acre property. For the time being, however, she said that it has to be accommodated in the unused portion of the Rehoboth School in the same compound.

She took the Steering Committee to the school and showed the unused halls. There were problems of age and also neglect, but she offered to fix it all as soon as possible. Since I was now the designated Principal, I made many suggestions about renovation. The Committee also gave many suggestions. All these suggestions were accepted and the work started in earnest the very next week.

Meanwhile she asked me to keep praying for it all, because this building had faced vandalization many times in the past. I felt strange. Rehoboth had always only given to people, yet human sin nature made some of them to do this Rehoboth. Talk of human sin nature and how it makes us as malignantly aggressive towards innocent people.  The Committee also continued its weekly prayer.

When God works in a place, Satan gets to work overtime in the same place. Within a week vandals entered the buildings at night, broke newly made walls with pick axes, and poured water on the large number of cement sacks stored there. I was devastated because, as I said above, Rehoboth was not hurting anyone and was not stepping into anyone else’s property. It was doing only its own thing. The Steering Committee members were shocked to see the development and they called me up because I was away on a ministry trip.

Miss Treasure, nurtured by the Lord on the anvil of all kinds of opposition, was the most courageous among us all. She said that no amount of vandalism is going to stop us from going ahead with what the Lord has clearly shown as His will. She was the Gamaliel who knew that if it is from the Lord no force can stop it.


Pic: The first building where RTI functioned. I used to go driving from Ernakulam to Trichur (3 hours) to teach at RTI

Very soon a brother who had a vacant house offered it for housing RTI. It was an old and dilapidated building, but for us it was again God’s message that RTI surely is in His will. Soon the house was renovated and made ready. The men, the visiting faculty, and the classroom were to be accommodated in this building. Miss Treasure offered to accommodate the girls in the Orphanage till a more suitable accommodation was not available for them.

Everything about housing was now settled, and we moved on to the next items. [To Continue…]




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