The Prajapati Affair 003

R. Krishnankutty was a bit upset about the proposed series of articles, and he informed this displeasure to me. So I spent a whole day discussing various aspects of the issues involved, and he clearly said that Koshy Abraham’s teaching is a heresy. He also said that any support to the teachings of Koshy is sinful and a heretical activity. He promised me his full support for my work against this heresy, but made an about-turn that surprised everyone who knew about our full-day meeting.

R Krishnankutty had a private magazine of his own. In this magazine he wrote an endorsement to my series, and said that once I was finished with my series against Koshy Abraham’s heresy, he would also write one or more articles to expose the heresies of Koshy.

However, but he made an about turn as soon as JC Dev contacted him. JC Dev used to be a controversial Brethren Assembly preacher who defected from a Pentecostal cult to the Brethren due to personal problems, but who again defected to the Pentecostal church after enjoying all kinds of privileges among the Brethren for few decades.

Unknown to many, Dev was one of the promoters behind Christava Vedanta Vedi, a Super-Cult formed by the Union of a few peripheral Christian principles with the core of the Vedantic Hindu faith. He immediately realized that if my series against the Prajapati Heresy prevails, then his the Chistava Vedanta Vedi Super Cult would be in trouble. Thus he persuaded R Krishnankutty and together they launched a massive character assassination against me.

Dev was a wizard with words, and was able to present totally false things in a manner that would convince even the most skeptical person. Krishnankutty made his magazine available for this ongoing long-term character assassination by Dev. Soon he also joined Dev to do the same thing.

I at that time was the Resident Editor of Suvisheshadhwani, the Brethren publication with the largest circulation in Kerala. I was also helping Dr. OM Samuel with the reorganization of Atmaprakashini, another publication. At the same time I had the most widely read Brethren website []  to which people among the assemblies looked for current information. I was also the Chief Editor of Insight India. In spite of having so many assembly-based media with me, I refused to use any of this media for counter-attack. I stuck to the point that doctrinal issues should be solved through biblical-doctrinal discussion, and not through character assassination. I affirmed to everyone that my duty was to defend doctrine, and that it was the Lord’s duty to defend the character of a child of God in the face of such vicious attack.

Neither Krishnankutty, nor Dev stopped their barrage of personal attacks. In fact they realized that in me they had a silent opponent who would speak only on doctrinal matters and who would not refute their malicious character assassination against me. They also realized that most of the Brethren public were simply willing to believe any lie that was written against any brother.  Soon Paul K Ramakrishnan and Simon Payyannoor also joined this attack. Together they continued this character assassination for almost two years.

Very few among the Brethren had the courage to tell these people that they were doing it wrong by attacking a person when the issue was doctrinal. In fact most people preferred to believe their lies for the sake of self-protection, so terrified were they at the thought that they might also be attacked by these people if they spoke out the truth. [To Continue…]

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